Team GhostShell

Team GhostShell
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– Team GhostShell takes on NASA, ESA, Pentagon (ZDNet) – “Hacktivist campaigners Team GhostShell claim to have stolen accounts from a number of organisations including NASA, ESA, the Pentagon and the Federal Reserve. In “#ProjectWhiteFox”, what the team says will be their last project for the year, the hackers appear to have targeted and stolen database records from companies and organizations including NASA, Bigelow Aerospace, Aerospace Suppliers, World Airport Transfers, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and a defense contractor for the Pentagon.” (Read more)


– Team GhostShell leak One Million Records (TheHackerNews)- “TeamGhostShell a team linked with the Activist group Anonymous, is claiming that they have hacked some major U.S. institutions including major banking institutions, accounts of politicians and has posted those details online.  The dumps comprising of millions of accounts has been let loose on the web by the hacking collective. The motivation behind the hack, the group claims, is to protest against banks, politicians and the hackers who have been captured by law enforcement agencies.” (Read more)

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