The asatru fellowship Bifrost

The asatru fellowship Bifrost

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From Åsatrufellesskapet Bifrost, The asatru fellowship Bifrost, is a religious organization for modern asatru in Norway. Our religion is based on the religious tradition in Scandinavia and Iceland before the Christian era. The organization was approved by Norwegian authorities in 1996 and connects blotslag (local or regional groups of practitioners) and individual members. The blotslag are largely self-governed and have different points of focus within the faith. Members may be connected to a blotslag or directly to Bifrost.

No kind of discrimination based on origin, sexual orientation or other personal trait is acceptable within Bifrost –or anywhere else, if you ask us. Unfortunately and sadly, Norse symbols have been heavily abused in the past and even today by far right-wingers and outright nazis. One of our missions is reclaiming the expressions of the old customs so that they shall no longer be associated with hateful ideologies. Though different, all human beings possess indispensable intrinsic value, as do all living things.

Bifrost brings together people who wish to worship the old Norse gods and keep the old traditions alive and strong, as a living community for anyone interested in asatru. We strive to be a forum for practice and discussion of the heathen understanding of history, myths and the divine forces. We aim to increase the awareness and understanding of arts, culture and traditions with roots in pre-Christian times. We want to keep the heathen cultural and religious heritage alive as an updated faith for people of today, through study of historical sources and adaptions to the modern way of life.

Asatru, the way it is practiced in Bifrost, is based on an individual understanding and interpretation of what it means to follow heathen customs. Opinions people have, how they understand the historical sources and their personal relationship to the forces of nature, is none of Bifrost’s business. This tolerance and freedom to think for oneself is in our opinion a central part of asatru. There are no religious dogmas in Bifrost.

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